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  • A group of women raising their arms in the water of the hot spring pool

    Wellness Classes + Activities

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Restorative Yoga

An all-level guided yoga class with emphasis on relaxing restorative poses, meditative movement, and breathing to balance and relax, release stress, and promote sleep optimization.
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Wellness Studio

Balancing Sound Bath

Balance the energy of the body and quiet the mind, as the studio is filled with the harmonic sound from Tibetan singing bowls. Lay back, unwind and receive the benefits that help relieve stress and anxiety and prepare for a good night’s sleep.
Duration: 20 minutes
Location: Meet at the Wellness Studio

Balancing Sound Bath at The Springs Resort
A group doing child's pose in a yoga class

Restful Recharge

Allow your mind to find stillness and feel your body’s energy restored during our Deep Rest wellness activity. This session provides the ideal balance of relaxation and quiet and is the perfect way to reset your day. Through elements of sound bowl therapy, guided mind and body relaxation, optional aromatherapy, and the added comfort of a weighted blanket, Deep Rest will leave you with a renewed sense of vitality and rejuvenated energy to finish your day.
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Wellness Studio

Balancing Sound Bath at The Springs Resort

Aqua Sound Bathing

Experience the deep sense of relaxation by combining the therapeutic benefits of soaking in our geothermal water with waves of harmonic sound that envelop the body from singing bowls. The combination helps relieve stress and anxiety, promoting a good night’s sleep.
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Meet at the Wellness Studio

Aqua Soak and Stretch

Amplify the benefits of soaking in our healing mineral waters with a series of fun, active stretches that can ease muscle tension and enhance joint mobility. This accessible guided stretching session takes place in one of our soaking pools and uses the water to gently support the body, allowing it to move more freely through each stretching technique. Feel the benefits of our 13 minerals, connect with the water, enjoy our natural surroundings, and leave with a new sense of mobility.

Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Meet at the Wellness Studio

A woman practicing yoga by doing the dancer's pose

River Walk & Stretch

Take a moment to stretch your legs, breathe the fresh mountain air and walk along the paths and bridges of the Pagosa River rail. This guided stroll offers an opportunity to stop, stretch and take in the natural beauty and biodiversity of this unique geothermal wetland that are home to abundant wildlife.  The walking guide will blend gentle stretching with opportunities to learn more about the local area and points of interest.
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Wellness Studio

A woman with her eyes closed out in the greenery

Forest Bathing Hike

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, highlights the restorative nature of getting out in the woods, focusing on your surroundings, and letting nature heal you. This guided hike explores the winding travels up Reservoir Hill, walking distance from The Springs. This wellness therapy helps bridge the gap between yourself and the natural world by connecting with nature through your senses. Benefits include improved mood, reduced stress, and increased energy.
Duration: 80 minutes
Location: Meet at the Wellness Studio

View of Pagosa Peak from Reservoir Hill

Roll & Recover

Perfect for after a day conquering the mountains or soaking in our geothermal waters, this myofascial release activity uses an array of balls and rollers to help ease tension and facilitate the relaxation and recovery of tight, sore muscles.
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Wellness Studio

A group of women raising their arms in the water of the hot spring pool

Aqua Yoga

An all-level guided Vinyasa-based class to strengthen body and mind. This gentle class focuses on moving through a series of poses and linking movement with breath. The instructor will offer a variety of modifications to encourage participation and comfort.
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Wellness Studio

A women meditating with eyes closed and hands folded together

Guided Meditation

Treat yourself to a mid-day reset with an afternoon guided meditation in a supportive, welcoming space.  Relax into mindfulness meditation with this practice designed for beginners. You’ll focus your awareness on your body and breath, to come to a place of stillness and ease.
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: Wellness Studio

Gratitude Ceremony

Moment of Gratitude takes guests on a brief verbal journey of the history and human connection to the Mother Spring. During this ceremony you will pause, immerse in the moment, and enjoy the surrounding natural space. The guide then directs you to reflect upon what you are most grateful for in your life and how a sense of gratitude can enrich your life. In this special moment, a connection is created to the water of the Mother Spring and The Springs Resort.
No sign-up is required.
Duration: 15 minutes
Location: Meet at the Mother Spring

Warrior Plunge

We invite our guests to experience this guided contrast bathing ritual to bring out the courage of their inner warrior. You start by soaking in a warm pool, followed by a refreshing plunge into cold water in the San Juan River and then a fun “warrior cry.” Benefits include decreased inflammation, muscle soreness, pain, strengthened immune and stress response, improved sleep, relaxation, and of course- bragging rights!
Open to all guests, including day guests enjoying the pools.
No sign-up is required.
Duration: 15 minutes
Location: Meet near The Plunge

A Cold Soak at the Warrior Plunge

Wild Yoga

Explore the forest, feel the sun on your face, roll out your mat, and connect with the peace and tranquility of Wild Yoga, a nature-oriented yoga experience. This approachable practice is suited for all levels, including beginners over the age of thirteen, and will leave you feeling restored.

Seasonal Activity

Wild Yoga

Hang Time with Sound Bath in Nature

Enjoy a light hike to a private, serene pine forest with hammocks awaiting. Restore your wellbeing and find a sense of stillness; find a deep understanding of relaxation as you enjoy a serene moment surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Seasonal Activity

Wellness Studio

Want to bring wellness into your day and into your stay but you’re not up for an organized class or group activity? Welcome to Wellness Studio, a calm and soothing space for you to continue to practice mind, body, and soul therapies including yoga, free weights on your own. A space to meditate, exercise, and relax. Or a gathering place to meet up for resort activities and to learn about everyday wellness activities you can bring into your everyday life.

A close up of Dumbbells lined together
Free Weights
A pair of hand unrolling a yoga mat
Yoga Mats
A woman practicing yoga on a yoga mat
Rocks stacked together by a water body
Resort Activity Meeting Place
A group of women soaking in the hot spring pool
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