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Soaking Guide

Soaking in water naturally helps relax our bodies and relieve stress. The organic blend of 13 minerals found in our water provides a synergistic effect that promotes your body’s self-healing forces and stimulates your natural regulatory mechanisms.

Some of the benefits of thermal water soaking include a deeper night’s sleep, less joint soreness with ease of movement, a return from burnout, and an increase in energy and vitality that will last days after departure. Our water’s high sulfur-sodium minerality gives your body a warm glowy feeling from the rich mineral content.

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The Science-based Soaking Journey

Let the power of our mineral waters take you on a rejuvenating journey with The Science-based Soaking Guide. Using an integrative approach, this guide combines ancient practices and modern techniques to create a 1 to 3-hour soaking experience. With a focus on deep relaxation, health benefits such as improved energy levels, mental clarity, and circulation are just some of the perks that come with this setp-by-step journey.

The Restoration Journey

Restore your body with The Springs Resort’s Restoration Journey. Perfect for athletes and active adventurers alike, this soaking journey helps activate deep muscle relaxation and recovery as well as energy rejuvenation after an active day. Through this two-day journey, you can ease muscle tension, speed up the healing process, increase circulation, and restore vitality.

The Detox  Journey

Refresh your body from the inside out with The Springs Resort’s Detox Journey. This two-day soaking journey focuses on a full-body detoxification process using Dr. Coplin’s immersive approach. By detoxifying six major systems of the body, you can achieve improved energy levels, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Enjoy contrast bathing circuits, paired with restorative wellness activities and spa treatments to help rid the body of toxins and restore vitality.

The Deep Sleep Journey

Hot springs have been known for centuries as places of rest and relaxation. And now, there is mounting evidence that soaking in hot springs can also help improve sleep quality.

Our sleep guide soaking temperatures and soaking circuits are based on hydrothermal medical practices that stretch back over 100 years.
The Sleep Journey within this guide utilizes these deep-rooted hydrothermal practices along with modern scientific research to employ your mind, body, and five senses, resulting in intense relaxation and deep, revitalizing sleep

Contrast Bathing Therapy at The Springs Resort

Contrast Bathing Therapy

Contrast bathing is a long-practiced hydrothermal therapy that involves alternating soaking in hot and cold water. Heat therapy provides several benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. The benefits begin to be felt immediately and increase with time.

Forest Bathing at The Springs Resort

Forest Bathing

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, highlights the restorative nature of getting out in the woods, focusing on your surroundings, and letting nature heal you. This guided hike explores the winding travels up Reservoir Hill, walking distance from The Springs.

Aqua Sound Bathing at The Springs Resort

Aqua Sound Bathing

Experience the deep sense of relaxation by combining the therapeutic benefits of soaking in our geothermal water with waves of harmonic sound that envelop the body from singing bowls. The combination helps relieve stress and anxiety, promoting a good night’s sleep.

It’s mud season at The Springs Resort!

The Springs Resort welcomes resort guests and hot springs visitors to explore an immersive terrathermal wellness experience at the pools – Mother’s Mud at Mud Beach! Our Mud Experience is a unique, hands-on way to enhance your soaking journey with added wellness benefits.

Seasonal Activity

Forest Yoga

Wild Yoga

Explore the forest, feel the sun on your face, roll out your mat, and connect with the peace and tranquility of Wild Yoga, a nature-oriented yoga experience. This approachable practice is suited for all levels, including beginners over the age of thirteen, and will leave you feeling restored.

Seasonal Activity

Hang Time with Sound Bath

Enjoy a light hike to a private, serene pine forest with hammocks awaiting. Restore your wellbeing and find a sense of stillness; find a deep understanding of relaxation as you enjoy a serene moment surrounded by nature’s beauty at Respite Ranch.

Seasonal Activity


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  • Located next to Blue Lagoon pool
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Local discounted passes are available for residents within a 60 mile radius with state-issued identification.

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