• Aqua Yoga at The Springs Resort

    Water-Based Wellness

    Experience Mother Nature’s Healing Waters in Pagosa Springs

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Contrast Bathing Therapy at The Springs Resort

Contrast Bathing Therapy

Contrast bathing is a long-practiced hydrothermal therapy that involves alternating soaking in hot and cold water. Heat therapy provides several benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. The benefits begin to be felt immediately and increase with time.

Forest Bathing at The Springs Resort

Forest Bathing

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, highlights the restorative nature of getting out in the woods, focusing on your surroundings, and letting nature heal you. This guided hike explores the winding travels up Reservoir Hill, walking distance from The Springs.

Aqua Sound Bathing at The Springs Resort

Aqua Sound Bathing

Experience the deep sense of relaxation by combining the therapeutic benefits of soaking in our geothermal water with waves of harmonic sound that envelop the body from singing bowls. The combination helps relieve stress and anxiety, promoting a good night’s sleep.

Children (0-15)