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    Soaking Guide

    Suggested ways you can enhance your benefits from soaking by engaging with the different temperatures of our water.

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Paradise Pool at The Springs Resort

 Very Hot Soak
105°F and Above

Best for strong anti-inflammatory effects.

• Helps the body send out anti-inflammatory signals to reduce and control inflammation.

• Combined with a Contrast Bathing Circuit, produces a profound fortifying effect.

Avoid overheating! Take shorter soaks, keep your chest above water, and hydrate often.

Aspen Pool at The Springs Resort

 Hot Soak
101°F – 104°F

Best for detoxing your body, relaxing sore muscles, and relieving pains associated with strains and sprains.

• Helps improve blood circulation.

• Can help deliver more oxygen to your organs, tissues, and extremities.

Take breaks to cool off every 45 minutes or less.

Venetian Pool at The Springs Resort

 Warm Soak
Up to 100°F

Best for longer soaking and burnout recovery while providing your body with a nervous system reset.

• Helps the body efficiently remove impurities and flushes toxins.

• Relieves chronic musculoskeletal pain and long-lasting joint complaints.

Longer soaks enhance the antigravity effects of water and the anti-inflammatory effects of minerals to create optimal levels of rejuvenation.

Young woman soaking in a hot spring at The Springs Resort

 Cold Soak
64°F and Below

Cold soaking activates and wakes your body up.

• Resets your parasympathetic nervous system to balance your immunity and promote relaxation.

• Stimulates circulation and enhances detoxification by flushing toxins from your extremities and internal organs.

• Tonifies and revitalizes your skin.

• Increases mental resiliency and improves fortitude.

When pushing your limits for cold soaking, be aware of muscle cramping and mindful of your body cues.

Young woman soaking at sunset

Simple Contrast Bathing Therapy Guide

Step 1:

Warm Soaking
Up to 100°F ( 5 – 10 min. )

Start with a brief soak in a warm (up to 100°F degrees) pool long enough to acclimate your body to the ambient temperature.

TIP: During a contrast bathing session, it’s vital to stay hydrated with quality water. Moreover, if you have heart or blood pressure-related health concerns, please exercise caution.

Step 2:

Hot Soaking
101°F – 104°F ( 5 – 10 min. )

Next, soak in a hot (101°F-104°F) to a very hot (105°F+) pool. Soaking in hot water increases your blood circulation, bringing oxygen-rich blood to your organs, tissues, and extremities. Relax as the hot water soothes your body and eases sore muscles.

Step 3:

 Cold Soaking
64°F and Below ( 1 min. )

After you soak in a hot pool, find a cold pool and immerse your body. The cold water will constrict your blood vessels and force blood to your core and internal organs such as the liver and kidneys, aiding in detoxifying your system. Constriction is a natural way to exercise your smooth muscles and blood vessels, thus helping to maintain their elasticity.

Contrast Bathing at Hot Springs

The Benefits of Contrast Bathing

Contrast bathing therapy is a method used to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, and boost immunity.*

Key Benefits:

• Increases your mental resiliency & fortitude.
• Stimulates your circulation.
• Enhances your body’s natural detoxification process.
• Tonifies and vitalizes your skin.


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