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    The Deep Sleep Journey

    Experience deep relaxation and improved sleep during your stay with our guided Deep Sleep Journey.

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 “Quality sleep is the foundation by which we build strong and healthy bodies. Hot spring soaking activates many different metabolic pathways and ultimately provides your body with a more balanced nervous system that promotes a good night’s rest.”

Dr. Marcus Coplin, ND

Medical Director at The Springs Resort

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Deep Sleep Journey Overview

Start 6 hours prior to bed.

1. Wind Down Phase  |  Pre-Dinner

Restorative Yoga Wellness Activity

Contrast Bathing Circuit

  Warm Soaking (5 – 10 Min.)
  Hot Soaking (15 Min.)
Cold Soaking (1 Min.)
Repeat Contrast Phase up to 3x

2. Nourish Phase  |  Dinner

Post-Dinner Walk

3. Drift Phase  |  Post-Dinner

Evening Soak

  Hot Soaking (15-45 Min.)

Bedtime Routines
Deep Sleep Techniques

Soaking Journey Temperatures:

 Cold Soak  |  64°F and below

 Warm Soak  |  up to 100°F

 Hot Soak  |  101°F – 104°F

 Very Hot Soak  |  105°F and above

Soaking Temperatures & Benefits

The Elements of Unwinding

Dinner Reservations

Soaking Essentials

Flip Flops, Robe and Towel (available at the Bath House)

The In-room Deep Sleep Ritual Tray

Spa Treatment | Book Ahead

Schedule a Blanco Basin Scent-Sation Massage for aromatic immersion and full-body and mind relaxation.

Nutritious Meal

Dining Tips:

Prior to your meal, drink 1-2 tbsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water to stimulate insulin response, helping to flatten glucose spikes.

Recommended Resort Option:
KOR “Gut Check” Shot | Available at the Market & Canteen.

Aim for protein-rich options with heavy greens and high fiber. This combination helps stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent spikes in cortisol, a stress hormone that can disturb sleep cycles.

Recommended Resort Option:
Kale Salad | Available at the Barefoot Grill.

Opt for a vinaigrette style of dressing with salads. If pasta is on the menu, be sure to start with a salad to help prevent the glucose spikes and dips from the heavy carbohydrates.

Overnight guests enjoy a free copy of The Deep Sleep Guide included on their in-room Deep Sleep Tray.

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Wellness Activities available to overnight hotel guests

Day Soaking is available 7 days a week.
All passes include soaking from 9 am-9:30 pm.

General Admission Pass

  • 20 pools
  • Includes Blue Lagoon family pool
  • Single entry pass

Relaxation Terrace Pass

  • 25 Pools
  • Includes 5 exclusive adult-only pools
  • Includes locker and towel
  • Limited availability, must be purchased online

Family Cabana Reservations

  • Full-Day or Half-Day
  • Located next to Blue Lagoon pool
  • Soaking passes not included

Local discounted passes are available for residents within a 60 mile radius with state-issued identification.

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