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  • Enjoy Deep Sleep at The Springs Resort

    Enhanced well-being begins with rest and renewal.

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The Springs Resort Sleep Ritual Tray

At The Springs Resort, we are committed to providing our guests with tools, resources, and experiences to enhance their well-being throughout their stay. Experience Deep Sleep with The Springs Resort’s curated Sleep Ritual Tray, featuring all of the essentials for a restorative deep sleep experience during your stay.

Take the Deep Sleep Journey

Every Sleep Ritual Tray contains a Deep Sleep Guide, featuring The Journey to Deep Sleep, which contains a combination of contrast bathing circuits, nighttime soaking recommendations, and deep sleep techniques from The Springs Resort’s Medical Director, Dr. Marcus Coplin.

Deep Sleep is easier to achieve when we establish consistent habits or rituals before bedtime. The Springs Resort’s Sleep Ritual Tray is designed to build into your nightly rituals, helping you relax and drift off into a restful sleep.

The Deep Sleep Guide

A guided hot spring wellness journey that combines wellness tips, medical research, and hydrothermal soaking circuits to employ the mind, body, and five senses for relaxation and a deep, revitalizing sleep.

Deep Sleep Techniques Card

Instruction for Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mental Unwinding techniques to further ease the body and mind into sleep.

Aroma-infused Towelettes

Soothe your senses and prepare for a good night’s sleep with these aromatherapy towelettes formulated by TARA Spa Therapy.

Ear Plugs

For the light sleeper, block out noise and drift off into a peaceful slumber with the provided ear plugs.

Cell Phone Sleep Sack

Keep your electronic devices close by but out of sight and mind with the Cell Phone Sleep Sack. Set your notifications to “Do Not Disturb” and tuck your phone in for the night.

Sleep Stick

Lavender is widely known for its calming and relaxing properties. Vetiver is a perennial bunchgrass with deep, woody, earthy tones also known to promote relaxation. Combined with this rich, hydrating lotion bar the Sleep Stick can help you achieve a more restful night’s sleep.

Protein Snack

Research correlates protein intake with better muscle recovery and sleep quality. If you need a small snack prior to bed, we’ve provided protein snacks for you to enjoy and to help you achieve deep sleep.

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Wellness Activities available to overnight hotel guests

Day Soaking is available 7 days a week.
All passes include soaking from 9 am-9:30 pm.

General Admission Pass

  • 20 pools
  • Includes Blue Lagoon family pool
  • Single entry pass

Relaxation Terrace Pass

  • 25 Pools
  • Includes 5 exclusive adult-only pools
  • Includes locker and towel
  • Limited availability, must be purchased online

Family Cabana Reservations

  • Full-Day or Half-Day
  • Located next to Blue Lagoon pool
  • Soaking passes not included

Local discounted passes are available for residents within a 60 mile radius with state-issued identification.

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