• Aqua Sound Bathing at The Springs Resort

    Aqua Sound Bathing

    Experience therapeutic benefits from geothermal soaking and waves of harmonic sound

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Aqua Sound Bathing

Eastern Culture believes that sound and vibration aid in purifying the body and rejuvenating the mind. From ancient times singing bowls have produced healing vibrations and sounds.

Guests of The Springs Resort are invited to partake in a unique Singing Bowl Soak. Participants will feel the vibrations of a singing bowl, amplified in a geothermal water soaking pool, resonate throughout their bodies.
The aural experience of listening to organic, natural sounds, such as the resonance produced by a singing bowl, can be incredibly relaxing and significantly lower stress levels.

Experience the healing power of aqua sound bathing at The Springs Resort

Relieve Stress, Anxiety
and More

Experience the deep sense of relaxation by combining the therapeutic benefits of soaking in our geothermal water with waves of harmonic sound that envelop the body from singing bowls. The combination helps relieve stress and anxiety, promoting a good night’s sleep.

Balancing Sound Bath at The Springs Resort

Balancing Sound Bath

Balance the body’s energy and quiet the mind, as the studio is filled with the harmonic sound from Tibetan singing bowls. Lay back, unwind and receive the benefits that help relieve stress and anxiety and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Children (0-15)