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  • Mother's Mud at The Springs Resort

    Mother’s Mud at The Springs Resort

    Available Late May through Mid October

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It’s mud season at
The Springs Resort!

The Springs Resort is excited to welcome resort guests and hot springs visitors to explore an immersive new terrathermal wellness experience at the pools – Mother’s Mud at Mud Beach! Our Mud Experience is a unique, hands-on way to enhance your soaking journey with added wellness benefits. Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, all guests are invited to partake in the experience by visiting the Wellness Host located at the resort’s Mud Beach beside the Burg pool along the banks of the San Juan River.

Why Mud?

Mud has been used for centuries across many cultures for its healing properties. Our everyday lives expose us to harmful toxins, trace metals, and chemicals that can build up in our bodies, leading to negative health effects. The natural minerals in mud, like the Bentonite clay used in The Springs Resort’s Mud Treatment, have been found to help to detoxify and cleanse the body.

The resort’s wellness team has crafted a special blend of Calcium Montmorillonite, (Bentonite) green clay from the Mojave Desert, using water from our Mother Spring to create “Mother’s Mud” a mineral-rich, therapeutic mud that is the perfect consistency for a luxurious, yet effective, full-body application. Connect with mother nature in a profound way and leave with your skin feeling restored and revitalized.

For quick removal, submerge your body in The Burg or San Juan River and gently rub the mud-covered areas until the mud rinses away. Emerge from the water with soft, vitalized skin and a greater sense of wellbeing. We kindly ask that all mud be rinsed off in The Burg Pool or the San Juan River before re-entering the mineral pools.

Vitalized Skin

Emerge from the water with soft, vitalized skin and a greater sense of wellbeing.

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Wellness Activities available to overnight hotel guests

Day Soaking is available 7 days a week.
All passes include soaking from 9 am-9:30 pm.

General Admission Pass

  • 20 pools
  • Includes Blue Lagoon family pool
  • Single entry pass

Relaxation Terrace Pass

  • 25 Pools
  • Includes 5 exclusive adult-only pools
  • Includes locker and towel
  • Limited availability, must be purchased online

Family Cabana Reservations

  • Full-Day or Half-Day
  • Located next to Blue Lagoon pool
  • Soaking passes not included

Local discounted passes are available for residents within a 60 mile radius with state-issued identification.

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