Pagosa Country is a place for recreation all year long.

Biking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking are but a few activities enjoyed in the summer, while the winter brings enthusiasts to experience skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Any time of the year, the area is the perfect setting for a full spectrum of outdoor activities. These activities not only bring joy of the great outdoors, but at times lead to sore and tired bodies. These worn-out and weary travelers, sportsmen, athletes, and adventure seekers, find relaxation and rejuvenation in the Hot Springs’ therapeutic benefits.  The minerals in the natural Hot Spring’s water boast many health benefits such as relief from arthritis (sodium), inflammation (sulfur), mental balance and calm (lithium), boosting the immune system (silica), just to name a few. This unique blend of mineral content draw people from around the world to soak in our waters.

Visitors can create lasting memories and one of a kind experiences while staying at the Springs Resort.  One can fill their day with an early morning trip to our café for coffee and breakfast, take a morning soak in one of the 23 soaking pools ranging from 88 -112 degrees, take a leisurely stroll along the river trail, enjoy a hike up Reservoir Hill, and then pamper yourself with a massage or facial in the afternoon.  Just a few steps away is the Historic Downtown of Pagosa Springs, where one can visit the many boutiques, shops and restaurants along Main Street. Once done, our guest can unwind at our Phoenix Bar in the atrium of the Luxury Lodge where live music and your favorite beer, wine or cocktail awaits. The day is topped off with a late-night soak under the stars that calms body and mind and prepares our guest for a peaceful night’s sleep.

As special and well known as the Springs Resort has become, as the new stewards of this unique attraction, we have planned and will add additional amenities and upgrades to the resort by the summer of 2019.  These include (but not limited too): a new pool side grill with an expanded deck where guest can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our Bathhouse (BH) will be redesigned to better accommodate and improve the flow of our soaking guest as the enter and exit the pool area(s).  In addition, these BH improvements will bring better shower and retail experiences for the thousands that pass through these doors annually.  Beyond the pools, improvements are planned in each of the hotel builds with major upgrades coming to the Classic and Deluxe buildings. In addition, we will have a heightened focus on the Spa experience, both in setting and services. Other enhancements under consideration are moving the Front Desk to the EcoLux building, adding additional “wellness” related amenities such as a fitness room and yoga classes.  The above undertakings will take the Springs Resort to a new and exciting level while creating measure value for all stakeholders (associates, community, guest, and owners).

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