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  • Celebrating World Bathing Day: A Journey into the History of Relaxation

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In general, “bathing” refers to immersing oneself in water for hygienic, therapeutic, or recreational purposes. It is a universal practice ingrained in human culture for centuries, serving to promote relaxation, enhance overall well-being, or engage in social experiences. Whether it involves a leisurely soak in a bathtub or immersing oneself in natural bodies of water like hot springs or cold rivers, bathing plays a crucial role in our daily lives and offers many physical and mental benefits.

On the occasion of World Bathing Day, there is no better place to celebrate the restorative and transformative power of hot spring bathing than The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs. As an award-winning destination, The Springs Resort embodies the essence of this global event by embracing the therapeutic benefits of hot springs. With its unique facilities, which include 25 soaking pools and river access, and its commitment to preserving the natural healing properties of these mineral-rich waters, The Springs Resort offers guests a truly immersive experience.

The Roman Baths in Bath, Somerset, England

The healing properties of hot springs were also recognized by the ancient Romans, who were renowned for their elaborate bathhouses. Bathing complexes like the Baths of Caracalla and the Baths of Diocletian served as vibrant hubs where people gathered for socializing, relaxation, and overall wellness.

Similarly, Japan has embraced hot spring bathing, known as “onsen,” for centuries. This cultural tradition holds immense value for its rejuvenating and spiritual aspects. Today, Japan has countless hot springs, each offering unique qualities and therapeutic benefits.

Contrast Bathing at Hot Springs

Celebrating Global Bathing Day at The Springs Resort


At The Springs Resort, we invite our guests to celebrate World Bathing Day by embracing the “reawaken” theme and intentionally dedicating their day to the art of bathing self-care. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the sensory delights of hot spring bathing, reawakening your connection with the practice and its profound benefits.


As you soak in our natural mineral waters, take a moment to appreciate the feel of the warm pools against your skin, the unique buoyancy of the water, and the unique textures of the tufa formations that build in natural layers around the pools. Feel your muscles and joints begin to relax within the water.


Let the soothing sounds of the soft trickling water features, the songs of birds from the neighboring geothermal wetlands, and the gentle flow of the nearby San Juan River serenade your senses. Consider incorporating breathwork into your bathing experience, allowing the rhythm of your breath to create a symphony of relaxation. And as you engage in conversations and share moments of laughter with other guests, let the sound of human connection uplift your spirit.


Open your eyes to the breathtaking sights that surround you. Observe the intricate tufa formations and varying textures, each a work of art crafted by nature. Indulge in the colors of the natural mineral water, the vibrant surrounding mountains and lush foliage around the pool, and the ever-changing canvas of the sky with its captivating sunrises, sunsets, clouds, and endless blue expanse.


Take a deep breath and inhale the invigorating scents of nature, relishing the petrichor that arises after a gentle rain or the light scent of pines from the surrounding forest. Embrace the aroma of sulfur emitted by the natural hot springs, a distinctive reminder of the mineral-rich waters.


As you engage in moments of relaxation and meditation, savor the natural tastes that arise within your mouth, allowing the experience of hot spring bathing to awaken your senses fully. And if you desire a refreshing treat, indulge in a non-alcoholic vitality tonic, carefully crafted with nutrient-rich cold-pressed juices that invigorate, nourish, and provide a taste to relish in.

Immersive Wellness Experiences Beyond World Bathing Day


In addition to the rejuvenating hot spring World Bathing Day experience, The Springs Resort offers a range of wellness and relaxation offerings that complement and enhance your visit. The resort’s spa provides a destination for guests to indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments tailored to complement the healing waters of Pagosa Springs.

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