The Springs Resort is now open to all guests.  We realize how fortunate we are to be able to be open to serve you at an unprecedented time like this.  We take very seriously our mandate to adapt the public spaces in our resort as well as our service offerings to meet current statewide guidelines for health and safety.

Please know that the health and safety of our community, staff, and guests remains the top priority for The Springs Resort.  We have taken extra steps to elevate our commitment in an effort to exceed expert recommendations to help control and curb the spread of COVID-19 at our resort and in our community.

As of 11/13/21:
SJBPH requires all individuals in Archuleta County to wear a face covering while in an indoor space, unless the individual is two years of age or younger or cannot medically tolerate a face covering.

General Cleanliness and Health:
In order to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness post COVID shutdown, we have acquired more staff to ensure a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing schedule to provide you with the safety and comfort you deserve.
• We will continue to perform the highest level of disinfectant cleaning across the property, using earth-friendly, peroxide-based cleaners and UV light sterilization.
• High touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently, and guests will see an increased number of employees around the resort performing cleaning procedures.
• All staff will wear masks. Masks are required for guests while in indoor spaces.
• We have installed sneeze guards at all point-of-sale locations.

Hotel guests will have access to available resort amenities, including soaking privileges, with some restrictions to ensure social distancing and safety guidelines are followed.
• The resort has developed even stronger room cleaning procedures.  In addition to peroxide-based disinfectants for cleaning all surfaces in the hotel, we have added a second level of quality review and disinfecting following each cleaning.
• We have also added UV light sterilization devices in each room to further disinfect specific areas and high-touch items.
• Stayover housekeeping services are not currently being offered to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus.


Bath House and Soaking Pools:

Masks: All staff will wear masks. Masks are required for guests while in indoor spaces.

Posted Guidelines:  Signage will be posted around the property with guidelines and information pertinent to guests.  Please review and follow the guidance provided.

Pahgosa Spa:
Policies and procedures for the spa are in accordance with recommended safety and cleaning guidelines provided by state and local health authorities. All staff will wear masks. Masks are required for guests while in indoor spaces.

Most Importantly – Relax!  Our guests tell us that they visit our magical waters for health, wellness, and relaxation.  The last few months have been difficult on all of us and our team is here to help ensure that you can enjoy the renewal and rejuvenation that you deserve.


The Springs Resort & Spa