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Pete Muller & Friends

Pete Muller’s musical aspirations are driven by the same themes that shape his life: connection and growth.

“There are times in your life when you’re in flow,” Muller says, “when there is nothing but joy and love in your heart, and everything feels like it is meant to be. You’re completely relaxed but energized and aware at the same time. To me, success in life is about being in that state as often as possible.”

That state is one of the reasons Muller’s songs tend to capture audiences on first listen. His lyrics tend toward the honest and the straightforward, echoing the best of songwriters like Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, and Elvis Costello – to name a few who’ve inspired Muller to connect and grow. Muller was trained early in jazz improvisation and honed his skills hosting a songwriting circle in New York City.

High Country Music

An electric bluegrass alliance born in 2017 in the shadows of the San Juans, Durango’s own High Country Hustle brings big smiles and foot-stomping good times to venues across the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Playing creative originals and diverse covers in a new grass style, HCH blends their unique musical personalities with dynamic, melody-driven bluegrass to create a memorable and authentic concert experience.

With Andy Gallen on guitar, Charlie Henry on bass, Dennon Jones on fiddle, Jeff Moorehead on dobro, and Seth Yokel on mandolin,  High Country Hustle is composed of five musicians of diverse musical backgrounds who formed friendships over bluegrass, beers, and the beauty of Southwest Colorado.

People We Know

On paper, they’d be considered a bluegrass band, but the term “bluegrass” gets tossed around these days like the word “alternative” was used to describe any band with an electric guitar and a slight hint of angst. They’ll be a bluegrass band when you want them to, but a tune like “Red-Eyed Train” pushes the band into the realm of 1970s-era country rock, while “We Are the Closers” has a shuffle-and jug-band bounce. Its good-time music primarily rooted in acoustic roots rock and Americana-jam with subtle hints of twang.

PJ Moon & The Swappers

In the fall of 2018, the group’s first album, “Memoirs of Living in a Car” was released after being recorded at Scooter’s Place in Durango, CO. The record is a mix of genre-bending rock and soul screaming rhythm & blues. All of the songs are original works most of which started as compositions written by PJ Moon. With the input of the rest of the group, they eventually evolved into the complex yet a catchy collection of songs that are now played at their live shows and streamed and downloaded across the world.

A scenic view of the The Springs Resort facing the San Juan river


Can I bring my own food or drink?

Bringing outside food and/or drinks is forbidden. Food and drinks are available for purchase on-site.

Do I have to have a pass to The Spring Resort to go to this event?

No, you don’t.

Is this event safe?

We are doing everything we can to strictly follow all the measures with regards to facial covering and social distancing to make sure everyone is safe during the event. The event is also limited in capacity.

Are masks mandatory?

Masks are mandatory anywhere and anytime during the event unless you are seated at your assigned table.

Where can I purchase the tickets?

You can purchase the tickets at this site!

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